Moving Dolls and Zombies

Date: 7/27/2017

By notdancemonster

A few years back, I had one of the scariest dreams I've ever had. I don't know if I could call it a nightmare because it ultimately turned out okay in the end, but it did have me creeped out. I felt secure and normal once I woke up, but I will say it was odd, so I've decided to share it. I love to play instruments, so it wasn't abnormal to first imagine being in the basement and playing the drums whilst my dad played the guitar. Next to us there was this huge table with about a hundred Barbie dolls and stuffed animals facing us as we played, much like an audience. As soon as the song ended, I put the drum sticks down and bowed sarcastically. We were about to head upstairs when we heard a weird noise. We both turned our heads to the source of the sound; the table. The dolls were clapping. Spooked and terrified, my dad and I ran up the stairs, brushing it off throughout the most of the day. Later my little sister and I were watching a film, only to have a doll appear out of no where and land on her face. It appeared to be hugging her, but in sort of a sinister way, if that makes sense. I kicked the doll off her face and she thanked me. Then we went back to watching the film. Near the end of the day, we all went outside to hang out. Soon enough, we heard some sort of creepy noise, growing louder. Apparently zombies were breaking down the fence gate. (We didn't even have a fence back then haha.) Out of pure fear, I dove into a plant and hid behind it. Soon the zombies broke down the gate, and we saw the supposedly death threat. It was Michael Jackson and some backup dancers from the 'Thriller' music video. In conclusion, I was a weird child!