Dream that followed

Date: 6/1/2019

By hitchhiker24601

I woke up early and recorded my last dream but I fell asleep and it resumed. I’d been brought back to the academy where the principal started getting creepy and sexual so I decided to try and escape again, this time by stealing a horse and riding full speed towards the exit- I was able to leave but as I went down the road, military vehicles were lined up to stop me so I rode back sullenly. The principal hugged me when I came back and led me to his office for my punishment to be dealt out. When we got there he forced me to lie down while he licked up my thighs and pussy. It was creepy as hell but did feel really good. I then thought I woke up in a bath using my phone to rub my pussy and I panicked cause my phone started to malfunction due to the water. I then asked my brother to get some rice and for some reason we had to go to the woods to get it then I finally woke up for real