Addicted to Chocolate, Meditation and Hallucinations, and John. (also feat. a skellington cat, a teenage WWII vet, and a British Accented Guide)

Date: 7/21/2017

By Fitful

I was at a festival, or a holiday which was taking place out on a green lawn. It was bright and picturesque. There were booths set up in a circle, you moved through them and got your fill of whatever food they served. I found myself suddenly ravenous for ice cream, hesitated only a minute after remembering I was vegan, but grabbed 6 frozen ice cream cake or pie things, and a Klondike bar. I bit into the Klondike bar with the wrapper still on it. Then I stuffed everything back into my pockets, like I wasn't supposed to be eating it (even though it was allowed) and escaped back to my dorm room. I pushed everything into the freezer. ~ In class I was with friends from school and as it was a holiday class must not have been important. Instead we all Meditated in the dark with the teacher, who was astonishingly John, my father. The meditation went really well, in included all of us, plus a skellington cat, and the neighbor and her baby. It sorta connected us, in this big black blanket of understanding and while in the meditation we all experienced each other and understanding/ compassion for each person and it showed up as a black back drop and neon glow in the dark pictures of us all. Even the animals included, like the skellington cat. Afterwords I was floored, I'd never felt closer to John in my life. Everyone left for lunch but I stayed, and snuggled against John, feeling at peace for the first time ever with him. It was still him, he still was the same person who had never been there my whole life, who had done all the things I didn't like him for, but they didn't seem important anymore, like the slate just got wiped away. And I realized I had really actually wanted him to be my father. I had just been ignoring that want/need. We talked a bit, about difficult things. I can't recall, something about poison? I asked him what his birthday was, I had always wondered. He said he'd forgotten. I planned to skip lunch and go back to my dorm and eat the ice cream, I felt ravenous. We did intend to part, but in the midst of our goodbye, he had i don't know, kissed my forehead when a female snooty teacher walked into the next room (which as a largish office) and saw through the window. She pursed her lips and looked entirely disapproving, as if suspecting inappropriateness with a teacher. I, defensive of him for the first time, went off on this whole spiel about knowing all about reporting child molestation, which involved me walking into another office off the class room, which had a woman at a desk and a moon pillow purse, and a smaller room attached with a phone in it to call a Mr. Wimpelby and report it. Plus a memory of having had to do that in the past, while attending this school. And then pointing out sarcastically to the snooty teacher he was my father, his name was on my birth certificate, and he had sired me. Then, to distract her from sneering at him, and to dismiss her I called him a slut and teased him about having me at 22. He said he remembered he was 23 because mom was 23 and wore his dad's jersey which read Joe 23 on it, apparently she had gotten attached because it was her father's name. The conversation got convoluted and lost and the snooty teacher left in disgust and some girl came in with two empty purses and we began chatting about them and her magic wand and fairy costume. She kept digging around in a cubby, which held a lot of empty purses. The one she brought in caught my eye, it was a Slytherin purse, a but ugly because the color choice wasnt very well done and it was clearly used, but it was awesome. And I wanted it. I tried to assertain if she was giving it up or it was going in the lost and found. She never mentioned what she was doing with it, and I tried to pay attention to our conversation which was about magic fairy wands and other school things. Actually it was more enjoyable than I'm recounting, I forgot what was said and what I do remember is being to focused on the purse. But eventually we began drinking hot chocolate from a box, which held glasses and already brewed hot chocolate. ~ While I had that conversation with the girl and even the snooty teacher a part of me split off and lived a different timeline simultaneously. A girl, a blonde snobby popular type, ate a bit of chocolate during the course of the holiday. Then she went wild, apparently she had abstained from chocolate for 10 years, since the war. (She was apparently in a war which looked like something out of World War 2) (She also was a teenager presently so Ive no idea about time in this dream) Now she as ravenous and chocolate made her act crazy and high and addicted. She got me addicted too and we went on a wild chocolate eating spree, plus shopping, and we just ate chocolate after chocolate in a mad frenzy. She bought really good quality stuff, she was the rich anorexic type, and it was absolutely a mad time keeping up with her. Finally we were on a train? And she was sucking on chocolate to get high. She made me do the same, I sucked this white chocolate ball or egg and it made me see some elaborate British guide on How to Become Addicted to Chocolate, like in Hitchhiker's Guide to Galaxy. It was actually awesome as a hallucination and I was throughly impressed with the writers. ~ After that I was back with the girl and my father after drinking too much hot chocolate. I moaned about needing to eat mashed potatoes and stuffing and cranberry sauce. They told me that was holiday food. Thanksgiving. Wrong holiday. I didn't care. I also was conscious of the girl dragging the other me to buy more chocolate.