Secret Spies and betrayal

Date: 9/11/2019

By ItsABlackCat

I had this dream where I was like a secret spy who attended this spy academy place. I had been born into a family of spies but my parents had died tragically before I knew them. I was a pretty good spy because I had been training most of my life because of my ‘heritage.’ My brother and sister were there, as other spies, in the dream they weren’t related to me but our relationship was sort of the same except we were just good friends. Us three were assigned to a ‘spy team’ and we’re going to go on a test mission, where basically we were tested on this final pretend-mission to see if we were ready to graduate from this spy school. It was still pretty hardcore for a fake mission though, it was randomly generated and had real people with real guns and real traps and whatnot. Anyways I go on this mission with my two ‘good friends’ (aka my brother and sister) and we’re lead by our team leader, this lady who was a mentor at the spy academy. I was especially close to her because she knew my mother. Her name was Rose, she was in her late 20s maybe early 30s? She had reddish brown hair ties back in a ponytail and a thin, strict, but also motherly looking face. We entered the simulation and it was this small town that seemed like it was in Mexico, only the ground was all sandy and dusty, like it was in the desert. But the houses were abandoned and close together, with colorful clothes still hanging out across the thin, cramped dirt streets to dry. It was silent except for the distant crashing of an ocean. We had to get through the close-quarters of the buildings and streets, dodging booby traps and silently taking out guards and hitmen with these darts that just put them to sleep, however they had real guns and shit so we had to be careful. It was action-packed and really cool, and our team wasn’t half bad either. Anyways we get to our destination which comes out from this tiny back alley into a secret looking kind of beach, not a pretty beach but a cold and harsh one. There was basically parkour in the version of a rotting pier leading to this tower. There were snipers in the cliffs surrounding this ocean and tower so we had to move fast and plan and everything. We got to this point where we had to climb the tower and retrieve something, but then I started getting weird vibes. The communications went out which might’ve been from the simulation, except our team leader (Rose)’s was still working, she had just turned it down. Also our leader, Rose, started doing things that made me wonder if maybe she was trying to do something other than what we had planned. I was careful but couldn’t exactly tell my ‘close friends’ since Rose was right there. Then we get to the top, we’re basically almost finished and we’re talking about deeper stuff as we walk, and the conversation shifts to my parents. I start talking about how I want to find out who my father was, I talk about how I wish I knew my mother- you know, the classic tragic backstory for like 90% of protagonists in movies. My brother (my friend and teammate in the dream) says “I’m sorry, Ella” and Rose says (very suspiciously) “I’m sorry, too.” Then she grabs me and tries to push me off the edge of this tower into the ocean which was like 100 stories below or something crazy deadly. I had known something was off with her tho so I was prepared and managed to cling on, and swung up and grabbed her. My ‘close friends’ (siblings) grabbed her too and then we held her down. I said, “why would you do that? How would killing me benefit you? You knew my mother!” and she said, “who do you think your mother married, child? And why do you think you’re clueless about your father? It’s because she was married to me, you fucking dumbass! We were both tricked by him, both pregnant at the same time from a man we didn’t even know the name of!” Everyone was shocked at this tragic backstory, and at the fact that my mom was apparently a lesbian. (She’s not in real life). The dream ended there. I don’t know what happened to Rose. I also don’t really get Rose’s explanation for why she wanted to kill me or whatever, since I was technically her kid it made zero sense. Who knows at this point.