Date: 8/27/2017

By Juliaaramini

Airplanes from America, sent by the government to "clean our population", were coming and attacking America. I was in a yoga room on top of a mountain, and beyond the mountain was only clouds and a pretty sunset. This was in California. In the dream, it was safer to be closer to the blast of a bomb, so I was surviving bc they kept on bombing the yoga room and I just stayed at the front of it with my dad (who isn't my dad irl). My mom (also not my mom irl) was in Reno, which was just on the bottom of the mountain. When bombing of the yoga room stopped, I went down the mountain to my grandparents (also not my real grandparents) and they started driving me somewhere. Then these tiny rocket shaped bombs started following cars and it followed ours but then it moved on to the car next to us and blew it up. I decided not to drive anymore and that the safest place was on top of the mountain. So I walked back up there and was basically in the front of the room for a while surviving the bombs. Again, they stopped, and my dad came in and told me I had to go with him. He'd been in the military before he was honorably discharged, which was why I knew so much about bombs. We were driving in a van, again I'm not sure where, when one of the tiny rocket bombs started following the car next to us. I told my dad he had to get away from it and he said it was fine. Then we were arguing and the rocket moved over our car. It blew us up, but we'd both put our heads between our hands and curled into a ball, which somehow meant we survive a bomb. We both got out of the car and ran back to Reno. My dad met up with my mom and I ran up the mountain path to the yoga room. I looked out the window and all I could see was clouds stained pink and orange by the sunset in every direction. The airplanes were all looking at the yoga room. There were many other people in there with me. Then they turned on a loudspeaker, and said "we will give those who have survived thus far 24 hours to go where they want to survive the threat" then he paused while everyone but me left. I knew he wasn't finished talking. "Of a nuclear bomb to be dropped on Maine. Since you are the only one who will be safe, since this room is bomb proof, you may go and gather up your loved ones and bring them here". I left and went to Reno to get my friends and my parents (my grandparents were dead at this point). I had a giant horse drawn wagon (for some reason ?) and slowly all my friends and my dad got in and were ready to go. My mom refused to come. She had basically lost it and didn't want to be saved. Crying, I left her because we couldn't even force her to get in bc we had like 20 minutes left. We ran up the mountain and all huddled in the yoga room with various supplies and shit. At the last 2 minutes, my mom ran in here and locked the door behind her. We had an emotional moment, and then far, far away we heard a blast. The bomb had gone off. Apparently it was powerful enough to do damage all the way from Maine to California, and was contained only in the United States. We all lived, and the planes still hovering before us said "thank you for being the only ones smart enough to survive the bombings. You may now join us and live in your own paradise". Then the window opened and we stepped out and walked on the clouds to them and got in the planes and flew off. This entire dream was from a 3rd person view and played out much like a movie. The end part was watched from the yoga room.