having panic attacks and hallucinations inside a dream

Date: 9/12/2019

By livhab

In the dream, I started having these terrible attacks where I would have auditory hallucinations, and an intense feeling of having a panic attack and sleep paralysis all at once. It started with me listening to music on my laptop, but then I heard my own voice talking to me through the headphones, mocking me. I remember being like “oh fuuuuuck no” and throwing the laptop from my lap. Immediately after, I kind of sank to the floor and I felt this tingling/warm sensation through my face and chest, and I could barely move. I also couldn’t speak—I just gasped and groaned. I kept hearing weird voices around me. It lasted a few minutes, and then I was able to get up. Then it happened maybe 3 more times before I was like, man I have to get to my mom. Apparently in this dream I was living with my parents and we had just moved into this big new modern home. I ran down the hallway to my parents’ room and told them what was happening. I had been trying to rationalize it and decided that I had been having some sort of seizure (I have epilepsy in real life, but my seizures have of course never been like that lol). In the back of my mind, though, I felt that something more sinister was going on. Like maybe something paranormal? Evil? But I ignored that and I kind of like told them very quickly, because I was scared it would happen again. My mom wasn’t listening—she was standing at a big window and freaking out. My dad was trying to listen to me but my mom was yelling, insisting we do something because she thought there were people stalking us and trying to break into the house. She was also only in her underwear for some reason. Anyway, we had to quickly pack up the house to escape. I never actually saw any of the stalkers, but I went along with what she was telling me. That’s kind of all I remember. The whole dream had a very dark and frantic feeling, and felt way too real. No thank you.