shopping with danny

Date: 6/23/2017

By dreamvan

The dream was initially one of my repetitive dreams about using mass transit, but I don't remember that part very well. I was looking at a map of LRT stations, looking down on it rather than up on a wall. some of the stations were highlighted in teal blue. "at (?) station they have the set used in the commercial for (?)," I told Danny. I visualized the ad. three people in period costumes from the late 19th century were walking down a street outside some shops. their clothes and the store fronts were all the same teal blue. I looked at the map again and said, "the set is located inside the shopping mall adjacent to the station." Then Danny and I were transported immediately to that station. We entered the mall through the mall entrance to a Sears store. Danny immediately found some knitted items he wanted to look at. I was impatient to look for the tv set but didn't say anything. he found a couple of brightly coloured baubles but I couldn't make out what they were. Then he was looking at some periwinkle blue sweaters. he showed me one he had made. It was stretchy and loose with a thickly rolled neck and a raised circular pattern on the front. "we already sold the other one so you can have this one," Danny said. It was a woman's style. I didn't want the sweater but didn't want to say anything to offend him. I wondered why having an extra large turtleneck collar made it a women's style. was it supposed to emphasize their face?