FBI, Xavier, drugs

Date: 5/29/2017

By pheeniealexandra

I was in the FBI, and we were trying to protect this old man. His son was telling us all about these crazy things he accomplished in life and all this old guy wanted to do was humbly run a farm. And we were protecting him, and also trying to convince him to pursue one of his other interests. So there was this bad guy? Maybe the old man's other son? Who was trying to stop us/kill him. And the one fighting scene I remember was the old man was in a little porta potty kitchenette thing, and we were using it to protect us while we threw giant ice chunks and ice packs at this guy because it was all we had from the freezer. And he had one of those spiky metal balls on a chain. But we eventually got him with a gun to his temple and my partner was asking him to stop fighting and he wouldn't so he shot him in the head and cried. Because this son was just like on something/mentally not there...but still a threat to our lives. So the the dream changed and I was on the beach with Xavier and I suddenly remembered this was the first time I had seen him since I moved and I started loving him and hugging him and I was so happy to see him. And then the dream changed again, I was on the beach with some Eckerd kids and we had locked ourselves out of the room and Isaiah was trying to all campus security and I explained to him this app that had all of those numbers on it and he called. Meanwhile there was this black kid near the water that they kept giving drugs? He was on shrooms, some sort of pill, and then he smoked. And I went to go check on him cause they were trying to get him to stand up, and I was like "cmon, get up.." And he fell back in the sand and his eyes just went completely black like the whites and iris' and he started screaming, and I started screaming and ran away because it was horrifying to see. Then I woke up