Date: 6/5/2019

By safvy

I was watching this dream in movie form, but I was actually there. I felt like a ghost. It was about my ex boyfriend who I still have feelings for and his new girlfriend. Recently we talked and he expressed the love he still had for me and how much he cared but we couldn’t talk because his new girlfriend doesn’t like that idea which I totally get. In the dream I was watching them do things together like they were on a boat ride, then they were like walking around the little town we lived in, and the only thing I kept thinking in the dream is that he isn’t as happy as he should be. I felt like he wasn’t happy with her but she’s convenient right now and he doesn’t want to be alone. Yes, I am 100% aware that I could be wrong but that seemed to be the main theme. After seeing them do the few activities, it always relayed back to the thought of him not being happy. Then I remember thinking that this was his choice and I Hope is truly happy with his decision and I am wishing them the best and then I woke up. I do think we belong together, and I think the love we had was so explicit that our bond can’t be broken, only put on hold like now. I also believe that we will be together in the future.. It’s just weird cos I try not to think about him but whenever I end up dreaming about him, he ends up randomly texting me.. I can say I’m looking forward to our future.