Caught by father

Date: 5/26/2019

By oliviaellen

I’m an adult now so I hope nothing like this would ever happen. Irl I was seeing this guy max not too long ago but that ended, and in my dream he was trying to rekindle things with me. At first I rejected the idea, but he offered to take me to dinner and I agreed, and it went really well. I had fun catching up with him. Then, back at the house we started kissing and I got on top of him and clothes came off, and things were happening when my father walked through the door. He was livid. He started treating us like we were two 15 year olds caught in the basement or something, telling me ‘get dressed young lady’, calling my mom to come get max and drive him home. Not before having a stern talking with us and telling me I couldn’t see max anymore, though. I was sobbing and told him he couldn’t do that, and max was trying to negotiate with my father, but he was having none of it. Weird