Magic and Mermaids

Date: 7/12/2017

By HarleyQuinn

I'm assuming i was in the same universe as Harry Potter, because there was magic and I was on a mission with others as well. It was raining outside and i didn't have any spells to cast on other than some type of bottle(or was it like a clear pokeball?) and i asked my mom which creature would help with the rain and she pointed to one that was looked like a horse with wings (they all looked like horses with wings but one was covered in flames, one was covered in leaves, one was glowing like if it was covered in glitter, one was surrounded by floating water droplets, and there was another one that was pink and purple but i wasn't sure what that one stood for). i casted the spell for the water one to come out and it did, waiting for me to hold on to its torso. For some reason I knew the creature wasn't actually a flying horse but was actually a mermaid, so i promised the mermaid i would return her back to the sea. Returning back to the little village i'm assuming i lived in, the mermaid took her actual form and asked me to put her in a bathtub. i filled my tub with water, but knew i had to turn it into salt water if not she wouldn't survive. i was able to do so, but i knew she couldn't stay in the tub forever, so i told her i was going to practice my magic so i can transport myself and her to the beach so i can let her go into the ocean. She started to say that the tub was too small for her, so she suggested to swim in the river. i told her that it was fresh water, but she insisted she'd be okay. she asked for me to carry her, and i did, and as soon as we go to the river she jumped in. taking her word, i turned around and went inside to practice on my magic until i heard some commotion. when i went back outside, i saw some of the townspeople throwing away a tail. I knew right away that was the mermaid and that if they were sick they would use their tail as some sort of shell so they would harden it(i guess you can say it was like a cocoon). i was so upset, i started crying thinking she was going to die, but i heard the mermaid's voice in my head, saying that she'd be alright as long as i was able to take her back into the ocean. Still holding the tail, i closed my eyes and chanted "take me to the ocean" six times until i opened my eyes again and saw that we were at a beach. the water was so blue and pretty and the sand was pink. i stepped into the ocean and placed the tail underwater. i felt the shell soften and saw that the mermaid was back in her true form. She told me to become a mermaid and join her, as I was the only human that fulfilled their promise to her. I woke up before I even had the chance to give her a response.