Embarrassing Wardrobe Malfunction and Late for Work/My Ex is in a Movie

Date: 8/21/2019

By pinkstar16121

June 28th Warning: long I'm splitting it into two dreams because it was a really long and vivid dream, especially the next part after this. The dream started out where I was working somewhere where my boss was male, and I had another female coworker. She wore a dress that was either purple or royal blue. I think royal blue. The boss said he liked her dress, that he liked when girls wore dresses. I can't remember what else went on in the scene, but then it was the next day, and I had to get up and go to work. In my head I heard the boss say I had to get up at 7, but I was still lagging around in bed. Then, it was 7:30, then 7:45. Then I got up, and I was deciding what to wear. I don't know why, but I was thinking about how the boss had said he liked dresses. So, I looked for a pretty dress to wear. I found a pink one that looked like the pink dress my six-year-old sister had showed me she owned. Then I found one that was magenta with a black design on it, and I chose that one, but when I put it on and was already at work, I saw there was a split in the crotch area and regretted wearing it. I also remember feeling irresponsible compared to my coworker who had gotten up at 7 like we were supposed to. (Side note: I woke up shortly after this, and it was only 6:30). After that, I was half awake, and in my dream I could hear my mom on hold with her company's IT. I kept hearing, "Your call is very important to us. A representative will be with you shortly," except not as clearly because I was half asleep. I also heard my mom say she was on the phone with IT. In the next part, I was watching this movie about this girl who was either Indian or Filipino. She kind of reminded me of my brother's girlfriend who lives in the Philippines. She wasn't her though. She wanted to be with this bad boy who I later found out was played by my ex. He had a cigarette that he carried in his mouth like Gus from the fault in our stars. The cigarette didn't look like a real one because it was all solid gray and not white and orange like the typical ones. The girl was smitten by this. She felt like if she could be with him, then she would be cool. Right now she felt insecure, restricted, and judged. I saw a scene of her fantasy where she was walking down the high school hallway with my ex by her side with that darn cigarette hanging out of his mouth. The reason why the girl reminded me of my brother's gf is because I think and other people think too that she wants to date an American because it could potentially be her ticket to America if she plays her cards right. (Since I wrote this dream she has gotten her visa to go to Canada so she's closer than she was before). Anyway, I know there was more to the girl in the scene with her family, but I can't remember. I also remember seeing my cousin, but I can't remember the context. What I remember most clearly are the scenes where I saw my ex. There was this locker make out scene, which is what made me see they played high school kids. He and the girl were suddenly together with no prior interaction between them (remember the hallway scene was just her fantasy). She stood by his locker and I briefly saw the front of his head, which looked oddly like he had a receding hairline. I also noticed he wasn't wearing his glasses. I was excited to see him, but caught off guard by the fact that he appeared to be going bald. It made him look older, like a middle-aged man. He then had his back turned to the girl and the camera, getting his books out of his locker. The back of his head was full of blonde curly hair like I remember, but it looked longer like it was in the most recent picture I saw of him. I could see he was smiling, and I figured out why soon. He was smiling in anticipation of what came next because when he was done getting his books, he turned to her and they hugged and then started to kiss. They kissed normally, but then it turned into this weird make out thing where they stuck their tongues out and lashed them around. I was looking at my ex the whole time. The scene played several times and by the last time I watched it, I realized they weren't actually touching tongues, but sort of turning away from each other and just making it look like they were French kissing. I almost felt like I was in the scene, standing there observing after I'd watched several times. I also remember thinking it made sense that they weren't actually touching tongues because my ex thought making out was gross. They were also just acting, so it wasn't real. The next part I was somewhere with my uncle and this woman I didn't know in this theater or auditorium, sitting in red velvet seats. There had been more, but all I remember is I had this half eaten chocolate chip granola bar in my purse with the wrapper still on, and I gave it to the woman because my uncle said I should. She was hungry I guess.