helping pregnant college student

Date: 1/31/2017

By femaletrumpet02

I was at home, and a young lady, about high school-college aged, came to my door and told me that she was pregnant and running from her parents and the young man who raped her. I took her in. I asked if she was working or in school. She told me she was 16 and was at a local college on a swimming scholarship, and had just told her parents that she was raped, and was pregnant by her rapist. She was against abortion, and her parents were very much for abortion. I told her that I was against abortion, as well, and that she could stay with me. I took her to the police station so she could file charges against her rapist and tell her story to the police. She told her parents that she was staying with me until her child was born. Her parents happened to know me from a church I attended when I was a child. While staying with me, she stayed in school and still swam, she never showed that she was pregnant. She and I continued to work, as well. When she went into labor, I came home and helped her to the room where she was staying and helped her deliver her baby. She grabbed my hand as she pushed her baby out.