christmas rope bridge boba jumping

Date: 9/3/2019

By daisxx

ok so its christmas and my sister is like this shit boooooring lets go out and i hate christmas anyway so im like fine. and we go out and we’re walking and there’s so many people out its kinda surprising.... there’s a boba place open which is fun and cool but we walk past and there’s this boy i kno and hate walking out of a chinese restaurant. then we go into some athletics place and you can jump over rope bridges like the ones that donkey was scared of in shrek 1 but instead of lava it was boba (!!) still i didnt wanna fall but i missed and im like hanging on for dear life and then the string brakes and i fall. and THEN my fucking p.e teacher from hs walks in like haha LOL you never were good at sports and i was like shut up bitch i never saw u run ONCE in the five years i attended