Nightmare Gig of glory

Date: 8/19/2017

By vbird

so, it was the gig of glory but everything went terrible. Firstly, Jane from careers was on sound and she did fuck all. At one point in the dream my little red bass had broken down. The jack out put was missing a little black piece which doesn't exist in real life so that was a really fiddly job to fix and get back in and obviously Jane did fuck all to help. Anyway I remember whispering to Jane like wow Gig of glory is shit this year hoping that Fonseka ( the guy who runs the show) would not hear this. Anyway then! we had to do a show so I was playing bass right, I ran to get ready to go on stage but it wasn't the hurtwood stage as it had left and right wings as well and all the Amps were off stage in those wings. It was like the Dc and hurtwood stages combine. Then the song was starting and some one had tightly coiled my wire all the way around the handle on the amp so it was fuckin impossible to un coil. So the song we were playing was london calling by the clash, and as u know the bassline is essential. Orlando Thomas were on stage and so what Yoan. Bless orlando because he covered my bass part for the first part of the song but then Yoan kept playing the intro over and over and didn't break into the verse and they rest of the band were like wtf. Meanwhile I was backstage STILL trying to sort myself out. They stopped the song becuase Yoan had no idea tf he was doing. Then i finally came on stage as they stopped the song to start again. They were all like fuck you when they saw me and thomas was like for fuck sake. But i remember looking down at my bass like i don't know how to play london calling ive never played this in my life so the guitar started and drums but my lead was still fucked up off stage as was pulling on the input of the amp almost sliding out. obviously Jane had done fuck all still. I don't think i could play the bass line but that's all i really remember. And also mum was there shouting at me to do stuff which was not helping. That all i remember really.