Wolf attack

Date: 2/24/2017

By sana

In this dream my house is near grassland and there is also small river by that side...i am looking out of the window.A pack of wolf is running furiously in grassland ,until they reach my house .they started attacking my house my entering through window. 1 then 2 then 3 wolves inside my bedroom ..2 people came to saw it the wolf attacked it making a howling sound as if they conquered over something ..i closed the door i could see the bloodshed of those 2 people .i locked it the door As i was standing in hall way there is a small kid of 10 yrs old standing next to me.some one screamed "he also is a wolf in its human form!!" .when i looked at the kid closer there is a drop of blood at the corner of his lips.He is having furious eyes .My fren said we will catch him and throw him out of the house. But i am not brave enough to open the door as there might b other wolves standing .