cruise ship

Date: 2/20/2017

By daveyevad

On some kinda cruise ship with Rodi Michele Who else? Reminds me of another dreams where a certain restaurant was located down a set of stairs. It was kinda fancy or at least note able but usually something was wrong w it. Another part had a kid at a music shop who was depressed or upset. When someone said they didn't want a guitar he took it outside to show his feelings. He smashed it. We see the flashback of another kid who gets fired when the total expense of his fuckups reaches 4700$. The first kid figures out he just reached that amount and packs to leave. These are sad floundering loser kids. Back on cruise ship we are sitting in front but two ladies propose so trade spots w them and go to back deck. Back there we find an assortment of random couches and chairs on deck. The whole thing is a bit third world. Families are all kinda doing their own things. Barbecuing etc. I see a former student. He too seems to be floundering. Scattered dream. Woke feeling hot and uncomfortable