British twins and flexible Justin Timberlake

Date: 4/24/2019

By levinelover

I was on some sort of cruise and some Seneca friends of mine were there. There were two pairs of British twins, and one pair was blonde with blue eyes but average looking. They knew my friend. Someone was performing by wheeling around on a flat floor scooter being flexible, then I realized it was Justin Timberlake! It was so weird seeing him flexible like that, I started to wonder if he was gay. As I was watching the performance I was looking around for the twins. I saw the blonde ones sitting at a booth with my friend. Even though they weren’t my usual type, I thought they were kinda cute. I could imagine myself dating one, I found the fact that they were British AND twins attractive enough to rule out that they were average looking. I went up to my friend and talked, and also found an excuse too talk to one of the twins. Me and him chatted for a little while until they had to get up and go somewhere, and I thought if went really well. After a little while when they came back I wanted to continue trying to date the twin, but I didn’t know which one of them was the one I was talking too. I wasn’t going to ask, I was just gonna go up to them and risk talking to the wrong one. I knew if I talked to the wrong one the one I talked too first would feel weird about it, so we’d see where it goes.