Dream about work

Date: 5/27/2017

By tezcatlipoca

The dream didn't start about work. I was at a small hardware store and I had a basket full of bargains. I looked through the basket and the items where way over priced but as I looked through them I saw that the price was for multiples of each item, so that made it a "good deal". I had three soap dishes for 9.99 and four scrubbing pads for 9.99 (they weren't good deals but I felt like they were). I don't remember the rest of the items. the hardware store was in a mall and there was an exit into the mall at the back of the store. The mall itself was enormous and it was like a giant furniture store. very well decorated. It was gorgeous, as I was walking through the store I here Lauren from work yelling my name. I turn around and she says you can't ignore me, you have your work clothes on. I look down and sure enough I have a work shirt on, so she leads me to the back of the store, which I had never been to before. It was even more gorgeous than the sales floor, like a open floor plan version on the offices from Mad Men. Mustard yellows with large walnut desks. She takes me to these two people I had not meet before. There was a young man and a young woman. The man was taking but the woman was between the two of us. He said it was exactly as you predicted, someone had got caught taking a phone and they had tried to get revenge on someone else who has discovered the phone was missing. The actual inventory part this dream didn't actually make sense, but I agreed with what they were saying. The woman followed itup by saying good job, but she also let me know that I had forgotten to follow up on it when it originally happened. There was a moment when she brushed up against me and I moved back, but I found it arousing. I apparently had a desk back here even though I'd never been back here, so I went to my desk. Tre came by and we were talking about something but I want paying attention because I was watching the woman who was talking before. She was attractive, slim with brown hair pulled back in a point tail. very business like attire, plain white blouse, brown skirt very appropriate length, nothing overly sexual. She had an unusual accent I couldn't place. when that occurred to me she volunteered that she was from New Zealand to someone else, because I was still talking to Tre. My boss Tim came back to my desk and demanded movie reviews. I told him I had just seen a good movie, but couldn't remember what it was. Tre thought that was funny and I let out an awkward laugh. She had been watching this and she also let out an awkward laugh, which I thought was nice (it seemed to be too make me feel less embarrassed). She then said she did movie reviews professionally as a side job and she would take care of this. I was relieved. I looked at her again and I could suddenly see her imperfections, she had several white heads greasy skin and she wasn't as pretty as I had I remembered her previously, but I still found her attractive. Then I woke up.