handbags and ice cream

Date: 6/1/2017

By loganxking

i was at some girl in my sisters class birthday party and walmart. there was a giant plate of ice cream and i looked at handbags behind us while they were handing out the ice cream because i've always needed a little purse. in the handbags i found little gifts for people that graduated like 3 years because my brother had a little gift bag. so i asked if we could keep them and they said no. then when i sit back down everyone has ice cream but me and there is just a little left, so i scoop all the ice cream up in a pile and my grandma scoops it into her bowl and sits it in front of her. i watch my sister, with her superpower to stretch long, reach across the table for it and my mom yells "that's your grandmothers". so i sit there and grab it when i think it's a joke and just eat it.