Secret meet-up

Date: 3/17/2017

By alexwolfycat

So I went into a building that had a big line and we were supposed to get in the line because for each person that stood behind you, counted as another follower on Instagram. The real reason I went there was to meet up with Ali in secret. So I found Ali and he still had his long hair and he was really sweaty and he was a bit more overweight than he's ever been, I didn't mind though because he looks good either way. I hugged him tightly because I haven't seen him in months. I got his sweat on my face which was pretty gross but I was like whatever and I just wiped it off. I was really happy to be talking with him and hanging out. We made our way through the building and out the front doors. The building was right next to cinemark and all of a sudden I see a woman that looks like my mother in the parking lot. I was like !!! And told Ali to turn around and make sure she can't tell we came out of the building together. I walk up to her and it was in fact my mom. I was upset because I barely got to hang out with Ali. I couldn't even properly say bye. My mom said "Where were you, you took hours?" but to me it felt like minutes. As we went in the car, I looked back, but I couldn't see him at all because we were already too far away. I felt bad and took out my phone to apologize for leaving so early but I woke up without having the chance to. [i think this dream is based on the past of me and Ali's relationship]