Date: 6/10/2017

By Potato597

I'm just at home in the living room with parents. Two guys walk up to our front garden and drop some old smelly meat on it, scattered everywhere. We go out and we're like bruv wtf and they got shanks n dat. The white one chucks a shank attached to a rope like a javelin or some shit and it cuts into mum on the side of her torso. Not too deep, no blood flowing out, I go and pull it out. We run back inside and wait for them to leave, one is white the other is Chinese or summit, he kept smiling at me and then I had a flashback, he once drove me a taxi in another country on holiday. Once they leave we think about getting to the hospital, so we get ready quickly and go. I notice that our house wasn't on our usual road, when we drove out we were on a main road, it was like. My mum decided she wanted to go see grandad first who lives just down the road apparently.