Attack of the Pedophiles

Date: 7/30/2017

By toxxicduck

My family moved into a big mansion together. My brothers who moved out, and even Mom, who ran away, were living there. The only area I remember of the house is the enormous entryway. It had one of those fancy duel stairwells that meet together at the top, and above them was a chandelier. The whole front wall where the front doors were was a giant glass window that I could see through clearly. It was night and too dark to see beyond a few feet though, but I could make out grass and a sidewalk. Our new neighbors came over to meet us (it being night did not make it rude). There were four of them, I think. I remember an orange haired woman, and a middle aged guy with floofy brown hair. I don’t remember what the others looked like at all. The family and mine became fast friends, and I liked them at first too. But I somehow found out that they were actually a cult of pedophiles. I was horrified by this and I warned my family, but they were skeptical. They allowed me to barricade the front doors and windows to protect them from the other pedophiles, but some of them were already hanging out in our house. Even after I warned them and they let me barricade the house, my family was still indifferent about hanging out with the ones already over. I found out that the cult was trying to convert my brother, Keegan, into their ranks. At first I tried to keep the leader guy and Keegan simply away from each other so they wouldn’t get the chance to talk. I would find either one of them and block their path to keep them from walking to where the other was and they'd get distracted and go somewhere else, like Sim logic. At some moments I was managing the barricades on the walls keeping pedophiles from breaking their way in, they clawed through the boards like zombies, and at other times I was running around keeping them from talking to Keegan and away from my other family members in general. It felt like a damn game of COD Zombies. From on top of the stairs I could see pedophiles gathering at the front doors through the window. Finally, I actually warned Keegan that the pedophiles were trying to convert him, but he didn’t even care! He was totally cool with becoming a pedophile! He actually wanted to! I was devastated but chose to believe that the pedophiles had already gotten to him, but still kept forcing him not go anywhere near them so he couldn’t officially join them. I think that my dream brain somehow got pedophiles and vampires or zombies mixed up...