A friend who is a ghost || shot through the heart! In Ace Hardware

Date: 3/18/2017

By madnewman13😼

My first dream was very weird, almost a little hard to explain in some parts. I think I was friends with this wise ghost/spirit. I saw my old friend and met new people. At one point in this dream, these people locked him up, but then he escaped at the end. And I think I saw my crush. The second part of my dream I climbed this hill that was in the middle of nowhere. On the top was an Ace Hardware store. I came inside where there was this clerk and some other people browsing around. I decided to trick the clerk into thinking he was going to get shot through the heart. So I kept on writing "Shot through the heart" on all the walls and shelves. I think he might have figured out it was me though because he saw me look suspicious. But then out of nowhere this man in a horse with a bow arrow came in singing and casually shot the clerk out of nowhere. I walked over to him and the arrow went through his heart! 😳