Possessed Ghost Hunter

Date: 2/7/2020

By DreamWeirdo

I had a dream that I went ghosthunting. It was fucking weird. I remember feeling the spirits when we went through his place. It was normal to feel like you were about to be possessed. There was a professional person that would be able to take you out of the possession. I got possessed at one point because a hand had latched on to me as I grabbed my jacket from the floor. I felt high once I stopped getting possessed. The lady grabbed my head and put it in between these two chains I lifted up with relief. I saw a glimpse of my grandfather. I was trying to let him know his son was my father but he didn’t believe me. I almost separated from the lady at one point and I felt the place sense that and things were coming after me. It was fun to be in there because we were protected and we wanted to know if spirits were real. It was such a weird dream but I felt like my close friends were becoming threatened by these presence. I woke up finally. It felt like me dream was going on forever