Planet X, Hotel/Supernatural Apt

Date: 8/9/2017

By Fitful

I was viewing a planet and thinking about it. It was dark, like vastness of space no stars dark, and the planet was dark too. It also wasn't complete in the middle as I'd the center of it were a machine. The planet was split in half and had this type of hinge thing. I'm not sure what it did, but it wasn't natural. I wondered what happened to a planet after all the people died/ascended. I stared at the planet, hovering over it, and wonderes why a planet needed people in the first place. Once ever soul was set free what happened to the dragon inside the planet. Where did she go? I kept wondering about that, over and over again, never getting to an answer, always drawn back to the same question. ~ I went to a hotel, there was a huge story line as to why, but what I remember and what I'd the story version is I had voices telling me too. I think they were funny om another reality, and they were involved in a war. I can't recall much of the origin of the dream. But i recall being in a hotel room, and i was very upset about it. I felt kinda alone, and I might have been investigating something. People, my people, had been disappearing. Or something fishy was going on here. I tried to find out what it was, why there were secret room which vanished. I broke into several places, then almost got caught. I ran, and ended up going through some odd distortion which landed me in a building which was and wasn't the same. It, instead of being a hotel, was an apartment building. I ran through several apartments disrupting peoples lives before I realized what was going on. In effort to escape, I found an elevator and stole a set of odd keys. You had to use the key in the elevator, I got in with two other people, an older gentleman and a pretty woman. She was nice and noticed I'd never used the key before. I quickly found out I used it wrong, it worked and twisted but the elevator didn't move down. The man complained we'd be here forever now, and she explained worriedly that the elevator was supposed to drop down fast if it worked. In the end I was caught but I realized my mistake right away. This was a secret housing for supernatural people, vampires (although not so much them) and the like. As I was friends with vampires and it was stupid to burn bridges I apologized, and had all my people apologize. The ones in my head (who came out and were actual people just telepathic) and the ones who had been recovered from disappearing. ~