matching tattoos

Date: 8/9/2017

By jawpopping

ok for context: i've had a bit of a crush on one of my very close friends for awhile now, and at the beginning of the summer we got our noses pierced together, and later this week we're going to get our piercings changed together. N E wayz, i had a dream last night that when we got our piercings changed we got matching tattoos together. they were doves on our forearms and they looked very nice. then she came and visited me at work and we went for a walk once i got off. we held hands and walked through a neighborhood near where she lives, but it looked brighter, like every house had been painted brightly and there were lots of flowers and trees, lots of marigold yellows and deep greens and fuchsias. it had just rained and we talked about moving in together and it was a lovely time all around!!