Abducted by a "nice" man... saw beautiful art.

Date: 6/11/2017

By headFeed

So at first I'm with two friends trying to get into our school very very late at night to get something. the first night we succeed and leave without getting caught. the second night we come back with another friend whos very very nervous and freezes up when shes scared. we successfully get in and shes slowly inching in when the door alarm timer is running out so i motion a fake run at her so she runs. she does and we get in, but it will be harder to get out. we notice theres some lights on this time. theres people here. a lady comes out of nowhere and asks us why were here so late at night. i tell her i think i lost something important and she accepts this. while my friends go do whats originally planned i pretend im looking for something. i see that some school members are cooking something last minute. my friends succeed and we try to leave but its heavily locked with a fast timer when it opens. we decide to ask the lady from before how to leave and she just points at an open second exit with a teacher smoking outside. she asks us how we got in and instead we just say why we couldnt leave. we hurry and leave the building that looks alot like a large hospital than a school. we start walking to the car when we hear from inside the building that theres something missing. the teachers are argueing and we hear that theyre blaming us we run to the car. while running we ask who gave it away and the third friend drops a green landline phone?? it breaks into pieces and were just like what the fuck at her. we get into a nice deep red car and try to drive away but a black van rams into us. ((((((abduction part)))))) i fly out and my friends stop but three guys from the van come out and grab me. one who seems to be the leader tells me something like "ask me why" and unloads a bunch of weapons and explosions from a briefcase. i ask why theyre doing this but i get hushed. the man takes apart some very intimidating gun and connects the trigger piece to something. he tells me this is the worst way i can die. then he takes a smaller explosive and puts it into my face. i see him and between us he ignites it. it explodes in a really small way where it just goes poof but this is terrifying to me. i see my friends but theyre sitting in the car unsure what to do and crying. i ask him why and he answers. for asking hes going to have to explode something else. but the reason "why" is that theyre taking me with them. im going to do things for them because theyre busy. he takes a long explosive and ignites it. it does the same thing as the last one. i dont remember anything between but next im with them at an apartment. im being asked what tasks i can do. they ask me if i can play the piano while pulling one out of some storage container. i say i used to know but now i dont. one man is to my right. they all appear to be younger than 30 maybe around my age. 20-30 years of age. i get told by the leader that no matter my skills, im cutting his hair. i say i could probably do this as i cut my own hair sometimes. the guy to the right of me laughs, touches my hair. and i see the main guy smirk and shake his head. were sitting together on a couch now. i feel as if we had sex.. but i remember none of it. im just sitting with him very close, loose clothes. he tells me hes going to treat me right, that hes my special guy who will orotect me. i feel safe by him? but i wanted to tell him that i have a boyfriend, i was afraid this would anger him though. he allows me to get on discord and talk to my friends, but he has to be on call with me. i join and i hear my friends playing games together having fun. one asks me if i can join and i respond with short answers like "i cant." "sorry" because theres too much going on in the chat. even the guy is talking to my friends happily. a guy in the room is also in the call, but he never talks. hes like this goth guy?? and uses a text to speech program instead. the main guy gives me some freedom around the apartment so i look at something on the table. its a journal from past forced workers like me. its filled with gorgeous art thats all very sad with suicidal hints or straight up a character killing themself. i start tearing up and say that i want to leave the call. we end it and the main guy asks me about some meme. it was somekind of devolving meme meme. but i cant remember what the meme being devolved was. i had to explain it to him and why its funny. he brushes it off and goes to take a shower. i decide to use this time to leave the apartment. were in the building where my irl best friend used to live. her place is on the other side past the elevators. (i am being held at an apartment that is not fictional in my dream. it is at a real place that exists. a classmate of mine (jenna) used to live there. nothing was altered. the rooms looked different but the hallway was exact.) my cat is with us for some reason and sprints into my friends old house. the door was open with just a curtain blocking neighbors from seeing inside. everything inside seems the sane except the couches were positioned weirdly. i desperately run in and i see my friends mom. i tell her that ive been abducted, im being held at the room across, i have to go back right away, and i want her to do something. she doesnt seem to know what to do but nods at me and i sense the man right at the door. he pushes a pig into the house trying to scare me out but i stay on the couch. he comes in anyway and i pretend im sleeping. he picks me up gently.. now were in a car. i look outside and were still in the city, maybe even going deeper into the city. i see outside that theres giant cats squished against the windows in a building. i ask the guys if they see this too or maybe im hallucinating. they do see it. we see another building filled with water and fish, another with a weird colored supstance. i remember now. from a past dream there was a threat that in the city there would be an incident with liquids and buildings. i tell this to the guys and say its basically a terror attack. theyre impressed and jealous that they didn't think of this. we get out of the car at a safe location and theres another woman but shes part of the organization. shes got bleached blonde hair on top like the main guy. i think theyre related. were walking down the streets of tokyo. the group makes fun of my hair, its a inside joke that they made. we walk into an airport.. were waiting in line to get a ticket.. i keep wanting to ask him if i can stay here, if i can be freed. this little girl walks up to us and asks if we have money so she can buy coffee??. i sadly shake my head no but a man to my left gives her some. i look and its my dad! he says to follow him and i do with the rest of the group. he gives me the id of an old woman. he says to study it. i try for my life but it gets taken away from me. now i have to fill out paper according to this fake identity that i have because my dad is hunna buy is a ticket so that were safe. i see an officer. i call to her and say he abducted me. it works. je gets cuffed s and noe thevu given me a task to put as much infornation of him as possible. i tell my dad "by the way i wasnt meeting up with an online friend either, this guy was a random from the streets" all the notepads here have notes from past victims who escaped. i start drawing in one how he looks. it looks bad but i drawvnotes. i say hes got bleached hair, i remember he made a discord account. i flip the page and see art of an army of ants. i remember the journal of art that i saw that made me cry. i see it agai and its in fdeeper detail and i cry alot. theres one with someone sitting in a bathtub with references to many other famous paintings which may have been made up in my mind.