spiders & clams?

Date: 6/8/2019

By daisylawrie

1: i think this dream was about spiders bc there was one in my kitchen but i don’t know where it went.. there was this ‘medium’ sized (it was huge) spider crawling on the side of the bed, the setting was in this like forrest thing w tables and beds and chests everywhere idk what it was. then there was another spider but this time it was twice the size and it was a orange/cream colour with so many eyes, then there was a pink fluffy spider that vibrated and it was so so scary. i remember walking past the table w the pink spider on it and i screamed and started running away but i had to go back. i went home after idk how long and then there were more spiders in my house, mini ones but wait for it.. my dad used this paste and put it on a piece of cardboard and put it on the kitchen floor to attract spiders to kill them. there were millions of little spiders everywhere but all going towards the spot in the kitchen. i ran out of my room because there were lots in mine too, i went to go jump on the counter but there were too many on there so i peaked around the corner in the lounge room and there was the biggest spider i had ever seen in my entire life (in the dream obv) and it walked so slow bc it was so big, the size of my couch no joke. and then i started running away from it and it started chasing me but then it morphed into this toy dinosaur and i don’t remember anything after that. 2) we were at the beach with this guide who has been looking for rare creatures in the ocean for years and years and yearssss, there was this clam that could be eaten BUT it was wrapped in giant amounts of seaweed. we started swimming in the ocean and i found the clam so we all tried to pull it out of the water but it wouldn’t budge.the ocean was so scary, it was getting dark and we could hardly see anything under the water and there were huge waves. one giant wave swept us off the beach along with the clam so we all hurried to put it somewhere safe. we took off the seaweed and placed it on this hide out behind all of the sand dunes. for some reason someone had a ferret in another hide out and the clam was being kept a big secret and i remember crawling out of this tiny hole where the clam was put to go find this ferret and so i played w it then i came back and the wall in front of the clam was gone and you could see it fully. i don’t remember anything after this but it was so weird. (also i think i had a dream about those korean cheese ramen noodles lol)