surprise musical number

Date: 8/3/2017

By jawpopping

i'm good friends with a girl who is a very good actress and does a lot of musical theatre. i had a dream where she was participating in a show, and i was backstage for moral support. one of the organizers of the show assumed i was part of the cast, and had me go on with my friend. it was a 1950s baseball themed number. just before our cue, my friend told me, don't worry, it's super easy, i'm just gonna say something nice about baseball, and then you say something nice as well, and then we exit the stage. we go out, and my friend says "i'm an all-american girl, and baseball is an all-american pastime!" in my head i think, it. and i say "i love baseball like i hate socialism! screw you, commies!" and the ENTIRE audience parroted me, like they yelled back, "SCREW YOU, COMMIES!" and then an ensemble came out in hideous canary yellow baseball uniforms and started doing a kick line, and we exited the stage and then i woke up lmao