Date: 7/20/2019

By fmeib

I was at my cousin’s house (the one on 74th st) and preparing to host a party. Food and table set up were done. Guests were about to arrive. J was not in the room with me. I went outside to get him. I went up 2 flights of stairs, went through a door to a rooftop, climbed down along the side of the house (almost like spider man), found myself at a white wooden bridge, then from end of the bridge I tipped toe and reached for a knob on a window to my right. Holding onto the knob I swung to further right side of the wooden bridge, and I found myself peeking through another window and saw J. It was summer and sunny when I was in the house, but it was snowing and cold when I got to that bridge. I called J from the window and asked him to open the door to let me in. He heard me and turned around to face towards me, but his face was emotionless and maybe slightly annoyed (?). At some point in this dream, or maybe another dream I found myself standing alone on a side walk and out of nowhere I was very much pregnant. I touched my stomach and I could feel the heartbeat of the child inside my belly.