really messed up dream

Date: 8/18/2017

By DiarreahGirl

I was watching TV with my mom and we were at my grandparents house. my brother was in the kitchen laying his head down on the table and then the TV went to YouTube, and then there was some girls boobs on the screen and my mom was like "wow how did that get there?" and then we both just laughed it off. and then I went to sleep in my dream and then it was morning and it was still on YouTube and I teleported to the kitchen and I saw porn on the TV and my grandpa was like "oh my god how did that get there?" and then he secretly pulled his pants down and started doing 'that' and I felt really disgusted and he didn't care at all and then he got lotion and put it on 'there' and then my cousin came into the kitchen and she was getting something and she looked really disgusted and I got really angry at my grandpa and I said "if you keep f**king doing that I'm gonna call the f**king cops you piece of f**king sh*t" and then I busted through the door and I stole his car and I was going down a steep road from my old town and I saw my cat on the side of the road he wasn't dead BTW, but I couldn't get him cause there was this person on the wrong side of the lane and I almost crashed and then my mom appeared and she was like "here let me drive it for you" and then we went to my old house and some other guy lived there and there was a little girl she was friends with that wore a black dress and I kept asking my mom and the guy who lived at my old house if they could see her and they kept saying yes they can and then it was getting nighttime so we were heading back to the house and I asked them one last time if they could see her and they said yes. but then I looked next to a tree and I noticed a shadow of a girl wearing one of those big 1800s dresses and it was all black and I pointed to it and asked really quietly if they could see her and the guy that owned the house said "oh yeah that's the (forgot what the name was) witch." and right when he said that it floated to me really fast and screamed at me and I woke up.