Date: 6/10/2017

By murphyee

I was definitely being held captive in a room for a woman. Before that though, I think I had a different dream where my fam was on vacation, and Dad was furious with me for something having to do with my room. Like it was uncalled for I know. And I think that led to the kidnapping. Her husband was holding me though. And somehow something about me was a secret, like u was the chosen one. Anyway, Mike from work found out how to rescue me and he did, and with that we fell in love. I returned home, where my puppy and medium sized dog lived, but for some reason I was already holding them. Mike also questioned me on what I did while I was trapped, and I played a lot of solo games, but not the games he knew. Anyway, another dream and we're trying to take over some regime or something. And to do so, we put on a production I think? People would change their costumes a lot, and I think I was in love with a girl between one of these idk. It gets more vague here, but I know we broke some kind of timeline.