military and baby on bus

Date: 1/27/2017

By bluefox247

My dad was in uniform and was going to join the military and leave for 3 or 4 years. I was devastated but idk why I would dream this since my dad is already in his 50s and has never been in the military. I also had a dream where every time I went to school I had to bring a desk of my own with me. I set it up and studied in my creative writing teacher's classroom. It was a very scratched up desk with words carved into it. In another I was in the back of a school bus and I met some new relatives I'd never known I had before (all of these people were fake). The guy I was related to was married to this woman who was very pretty. They were both blondes, too. We were on the very back of a bus when I met them and they French kissed right in front of me which I thought was a bit disgusting. Anyway, they showed me this baby they had together and I thought it was beautiful. But then the dad started playing with it too much and he even held it by its head. It's body came disconnected inside from its head and I could tell it had just been killed so I FReAKED out. I looked at the mother and she didn't care at all. She even started messing with it too. They were both laughing. Then they showed me that the baby was fake. I looked closer at and realized it was. I decided I hated those people though, even if it had just been a prank.