Date: 3/25/2019

By nomosia

I was at a house that I had been adopted into and I was close with the daughter but the parents hated me. It was a small house with a very big modern kitchen and a garden to the front. Detached. I came home from magic school for the holidays perhaps and everyone was glad to see me however after a while they got mad at me again and I used my water magic to try and piss them off.(I turned my tears into a spear that hit the wall beside the mother's head and I tried to sense the pipes to figure if the shed that they were trying to make me live in was connected to water.)I tried to hide in the daughter's second room under the bed with the dolls, but the mum found us by tricking us and kicked me out. I took my shoes and clothes and my pretzel and cheese sandwich and blt out of the freezer and decided to go back to school. The daughter came with me. We went on the bus to school and I was learning about my water magic and how to use it. There was a community hall with lots of soup for sale but I didn't have any money but the daughter who had turned into Susannah said that she'd pay for it. We got on the coach without any soup and I felt awkward for not buying some because I'd messed with it using my water magic. Once we got to school they immediately sat us down for a written test. I was sitting with all the nerds-karen from the office and some guys. I ignored the professor who was giving the rules and started filling out the first part of the test. He then came round and told everyone who had already started the test( like me) to rub out everything we had done and he came round to check. He even looked at mine and said it was fine even though I had already completed the first page. During the test I made the water in the water jug become hot and cold and then I made a second one and did the same. Then I woke up.