Magic Match Maker

Date: 7/1/2019

By leathecage

It was a high school setting, and I provided services to the teens who were in "Love Crisis". I had powers where I would take over a customer's body, and I would see through their eyes on their normal day. Then, when their crush would come by, I was let out an alluring aura to get their attention. That would then strike up a conversation, and my job would be done, and I would return to my body. After I assisted this boy in Orchestra class to finally talk to his crush— who was a girl wearing cat ears— I made my way to the cafeteria, looking for a new client. That's when I ran into my brother, who was sitting at this large, round table, with BTS. The members of BTS were eating this huge salad, and my brother kept saying that "They don't have salads in kareoke bars". I asked my brother why he was doing this, so he told me he was teaching them something before they went to kareoke, and they all really wanted a salad. I then saw Junkook trying to eat rice with his nose, and I yelled for him to stop before he hurt himself. Later I found myself in a room on a sinking ship. I was with a group of people, and all of us were entering this simulation game that would help us escape out watery fate. In the game, we looked like 1920s gangsters, and we rode horses. We had to race along this track, and there were difficult jumps we had to maneuver. I ended up finishing first, and while I waited for everyone else to finish, I played shuffleboard with JHope. After the game was done, we all learned that that was only the first half. The second half, we had to figure out which of us had a secret clone. To do that, we all had to made a random art piece with construction paper and glue. The clone would be the person who ended up making the artwork that looked just like the one a spider was weaving inside this secret box. I got done early, so I decided to take a peek inside the box out of boredom and curiosity. The spiders work was only half finished, but I could tell that the webbing looked exactly like my art! I decided to acrap my picture and start over, fearing of what might become of me when everyone else learned that I was a clone.