NYC Subway Harassment

Date: 2/8/2021

By Purple

I was back in New York City, at Grand Central Station. I had to go to the South Bronx. I could’ve taken the shuttle over to Times Square, but I opted to take the D train northbound. Suddenly I realized after making my way to one train for the transfer, I could have taken the train to Times Square first. Oh well, I was more than halfway to the other train to get me to my destination. Six of one, half dozen of the other, right? Someone was asking me for directions. They wanted to get to the same area I did. I started explaining to them that they were doing the right thing, instead of going through all the detail. I had just missed a train, and some lady saw the disappointment in my face. She was also disappointed with missing the train and made small talk. I smiled back at her, saying yeah. This was the front of the train on the platform. There were nearby turnstiles heading out. There was a payphone in that area, too. I decided to make a phone call. As soon as I pick up the receiver, quarters started coming down into the change receptacle. Suddenly a beggar came by and asked me if he could have the change that fell out. As I was about to answer him, somebody started picking my pockets. I yelled at him and told him to get his hands out of my pockets. I was furious and angry and scared. I knew that I had money in my pocket, and my cell phone, too, I believe. Maybe also my Metro card. I started yelling at the guy to get his hands out of my pockets. There was literally nothing I can do. I was so furious and angry that this asshole could get away with sexual-harassment and mugging me in front of a few hundred people. Dream ended.