movie time

Date: 2/4/2017

By cdreemurr

didn't follow me -- followed this group of teenagers who had to go on an adventure. okay, it was kinda like watching a movie. it was actually /just like that/ now that i think about it. we sat in class (english class?) and the interesting part of the dream was broadcast on the skateboard the main part i remember (aside from the fact that there was a journey around christmas time and it had to do with souls?) was that there's a scene where one of the girls dares one of the boys to throw an orange out of a window and hit a boat in the harbor. in the movie, he does it. but my english teacher said, "i don't like that part, because in the book, his hand slips and he misses by a long shot." also, some of them were jewish? and one of the girls enjoyed drinking wine. and i think they all lost their souls? maybe that's why they had to go on an adventure