Boyfriend Material

Date: 6/17/2017

By peachypeach

I had a dream that I had a boyfriend and he was really sweet. I don't remember exactly what he looked like but I'm 15 and so was he. He would randomly kiss me sweetly and hug me. A specific event I remember was laying in bed watching YouTube videos and he would old my hand and play with my fingers and I said "aw that's cute." And that same day I would hug his arm and fall asleep. He has a trip he was going on and I said "before you leave im stealing on of your jackets because I'm gonna miss you so much" and he laughed and went to look for one. He couldn't find the one he wanted me to have. It was in the attic but the stairs to the attic were gone. He gave me a different one and kissed me again and I woke up wishing it were all real.