A Dance With Grayson

Date: 4/15/2017

By emmaoftheleighs

Grayson and I were hanging out outside and he was talking about his girlfriend, Reneé. Apparently she had a weird way of kissing and he wanted to show me. "What about Reneé?" I asked before he kissed me. He said she wouldn't mind and he kissed me like Reneé would sometimes kiss him, and it was weird. He was definitely drunk, even before the party. Grayson and I were at this fancy party with a lot of other people from school. He was wearing a fancy suit and I was wearing a dress. There was music and such and I was sitting alone waiting for the next song to come on so I could find someone to dance with. The song ended and I got up to find someone and I saw Grayson so we started dancing together. He had no idea how to dance so we were kind of just swinging around aimlessly. After this we decided to walk around at the mall and I pulled him into hot topic. We looked around and there were a lot of beanbags. And then we had to go to this government place in the mall to fill out these forms for the party to prove people were adults. For some reason the people in charge were from the 1800s. I filled out everyone's forms (bc I'm actually a mom) but the guy wouldn't take them because I'm a woman. I tried to get Grayson to prove he was an adult by showing his ID but of course he didn't have it with him. So we just left and I screamed in frustration a little and he tried to comfort me. I think we walked around the mall a bit after that. I forget what happened next.