Reoccurring mashup

Date: 8/23/2019

By marcia724

I’ve had a hard time remembering details of my dreams the last few days. Not even sure what order. - I was with the old blindside crew. They were going to go to a trip to some museum (Misfits related) in Virginia on Saturday. Then the following week they were going to record during the day. Danielle was pressuring me to choose to hang at the museum OR recording sessions. She could only do one or the other because if babysitting. - trying to find a bathroom but it’s never private. I always hand to owe but it never fully comes out. - on our way to the cafeteria. Never knowing if I’ll find a place to sit. - there was also a storyline with my old friend Karen from Wise Business Forms. Something happened and she had to abandon us. Something bad. We thought she might of been killed. But then we saw she was leaving a trail of messages on brown sketchbook paper. (I noticed she had that sketchbook earlier in the dream) we were very upset trying to find her.