Feral Boy, Family Car Trip

Date: 5/13/2017

By seascarlet

1: I was a kid, and was out catching wildlife again. It was the recurring theme of them attacking me like crazy at first but then calming down and being tame like pets. I think they were squirrels. Suddenly a boy showed up with a pack of wolves. He was of Native American decent, and feral. I took him home and tried to teach him things like how to use a toilet or silverware. He liked me and learned things really fast. I fell in love with him. I almost lost my virginity to him, but decided to wait because I lost it at 12 irl and that was too young. I wanted to do things differently this time. The people I was with didn't like him. I don't think they realized he was feral and expected him to be more diplomatic like other Native Americans. I didn't want to explain it to them. An ex boyfriend showed up and was making fun of him and wanted to fight him, but I led the boy away from him. We walked past a spot where he'd peed on the floor and I decided to let the others clean it up because they were being jerks. Suddenly it was as though I was seeing the future and he had learned English and assimilated at a remarkable rate, with none of the issues a feral human would have in reality. He was no longer mine and I longed for the days when we first met. 2: I was on a family trip with my mom, dad and sister. Just like always she and I sat in the back with her on the left and me on the right. We stopped at a restaurant that almost looked like a gas station juat to the left of a big road. I got out to go look at a small table outside the gas station, tucked away just to the right of it towards a hill behind the building. There were vases and flowers for sale on it that looked very unique. I was also enamoured with some flowers growing randomly in the grass just behind the curb of the parking lot, in front of the table. Particularly a patch of very blue crocuses. I'd never seen blue ones before. They looked amazing and I wanted to put them in a blue vase for sale on the table for Mother's Day. I was taking forever and trying to figure out how to slip them past mom and hide them without her noticing. They were honking at me to get back to the car but I really wanted the things. I tried to slip in a side door to purchase the vase, but it just opened onto another door that was locked. I had to just grab the vase and run around to the front. Once inside my old ballet teacher was there, telling me the vase was a ballet trophy and not for sale. It reminded me that she owed me a ballet trophy, one that looked more like a trophy, and I asked her about it. She said it wasn't ready yet and I left empty handed. In the car I got my parents to listen to my Echo and the Bunnymen album but they said it was too depressing.They turned it off and I told them they gave up on it right before some really good songs. Dad was even quoting examples of lyrics that were too depressing. "Shiver and say the words, every lie you've heard"... The dream fades after that and I don't remember much.