Riddle eating monsters

Date: 7/11/2017

By PattothePenguin

I was in a room and there was a big pond, I think, and to cross we had to get around the ledge, so we started walking, but there was a bunch of people so we had to wait our turn. Then the doors on the other side burst open and these weird sphinx things burst in and started eating people. I didn't get on the ledge, though it was my turn after like, two people, so I ran back the way we went and hid in a smaller pond. But then one of the things jumped into it and tried to eat my flesh. Doesn't that sound great? Before it ate me, it asked me a riddle, but instead of answering, I answered with my OWN riddle, and then I defeated it and started saving everyone by telling the monsters riddles... Then lots of stuff happened, then, I was in like a feast room with other people, including my family, and we were eating food. Then I went to get a macaroon, and it was pink and had a bunch of powdered sugar. Though now that I think of it,I think it was a whoopie pie. (NOTD)