"We don't have winners"

Date: 5/30/2017

By Jadders

I was at some sort of a dinner party, then 3 of us need to pee. To do that we had to take it in turns to wee in the fridge.. but we are all females so we had to sort of sit in there with the shelves still in there and pee. It was hard to do. After my wee I got straight up and left the kitchen and jumped on my bycicle. (for some reason that's the tradition at this party that you have to do after peeing). But we had to take it in turns to cycle round the block. As I'm a pretty decent cyclist I cycled 5miles instead. I got back in good timing, but it turns out they where monitoring the bike so they found out.. My punishment was to go to work in a retail shop on the tills. Part of the way through my shift a customer asked for help and seen as she was the only one in the shop, I closed my till and helped her.. I was then shouted at through the annteni of the store to return to the tills. Then the colleague started to get pissy at me asking am I really a lesbian. Because I didn't answer straight away (I was shocked she even asked) sent me up stairs. I thought I was going to the managers office to be told off.. but it wasn't. The "upper stairs" was three floors high with a hole in the centre of each floor to see all the way through. It was in pitch black. I have to have a duel with someone else .. who turn out to be my little brother. We had little water balls and elastic bands all on the floor and had to fire them at each other. After all that I had won! The winner had to crawl through the winner tube. I felt that the tube was being messed around with, as it was making very odd noises. I was then hit with some sort of gas which made me sleepy. I'm guessing to was meant to knock me out, but it didn't. I was wake, but couldn't move. Some guy then grabbed my arm and yanked me out of the tube, sat me in a wheel chair and ties my wrists to the arm rests. Then clamped my feet down on the footrests. He then grabbed this extended bit for my head to be strapped to. This was so that once the gas wore off I wouldnt be able to move.. He then came round to the front of me and looked me in the eyes and started talking.. he talked for ages, but I only heard bits. "Hey there.. I have been watching you for some time now. we don't have winners, but don't worry we are here to fix you". he started laughing and wheeled me in front of a set of double doors and left me there for a moment. I could see people running and screaming, bang on the doors with bloody hands. He then gave the wheel chair a little push and it turns out the double doors just swing open, and that there was no one behind them. it was just a long slope going down. I'm falling down this slope as it keeps picking up speed, I'm trying to get a hand free to slow the chair down.. but the straps were too tight.. Eventually the slope came to an end and I hit into a wall at full speed.