I take the ACT tomorrow

Date: 2/19/2019

By estherolo

So I take my act tomorrow and I guess I was stressing about it so much that my Brian manifested it into a dream. Anyways I’m at the test location, and for some reason we’re sitting in rows like we’re in a stadium. Anyways the teacher we had was notorious for never taking anything serious, and we found this out the hard way bcs he decided to turn the lights off and start playing High School Musical. I couldn’t focus to save my life but no one around me was bothered. In fact, they all kept getting up and taking to each other as if it was a normal school day, and somehow they all finished before me when I was barely even past the reading section. Eventually I finished and then all of a sudden my friend was like “beware the next part. Those guys are straight up evil” and I was like ???? It’s just a test but then all of a sudden Im in the room alone then all of a sudden this small little creatures crawls from under my desk. Some words were said but i don’t remember them specifically, but the creature pulls out this thing that was supposed to be a weapon but honestly did little damage. So I laugh and mock his weapon. All of a sudden he pulls out a machete, but it’s wrapped in a plastic bag? Nonetheless he starts taking wild swings at me, somehow I manage to take it from him but then he pulls out another sword type thing also wrapped in plastic bag. I take that from him as well and use that as my opportunity to start attacking. After a couple jabs to the stomach he begins to “deflate” and lie down on the ground. I wasn’t sure he was faking or not so I continued to stab him for about 2 more minutes. Then I start to look for a way out of the room, and I see this bright white arrow pointing to something blocked by a wall. As I get up to go over there I hear the creature begin to get up (I knew he was faking it) so I begin to run. Turns out the thing the arrow was pointing at was this small little glass room that you had to slide up to open so I jump in there right before the creature catches up to me. In that room there’s another white arrow pointing to the left so I follow and all of a sudden I’m in a coffee shop with these two guys. Idk why but somehow I know that these two guys are kinda the bosses of this whole operation. So I tell them everything I’ve been through and how they should dismiss my test bcs I didn’t even get to finish and was put in an unfair test taking environment. They say they will and that they need my help. The taller one says “look around this cafe. You notice how it’s just white people?” which brings my attention to the rest of the diners, which in fact, are all white people, with an exception of one black family by the counter, which I mention. The shorter guy says “oh yeah they slipped through our severity” and then the taller guy says “we want to get some more diversity in here. We put up the coding system that allows white people only but we’ve grown bored. What do you think we should do? I, being black, say “yeah of course you should, but can I watch?” Bcs I just then realized that these guys are either magical, or really smart programmers, and that this diner is not real at all. They say yes but warn me to stand back. I adore them if it’s bcs of the big white flash that’s going to happen in the diner and stop and look at me curious to how i know that information. I don’t know how I knew it either. So we go outside to this big trash can and they’re about to do their stuff. Suddenly this white girl in soaking wet clothes with long black hair with purple streaks in the front begins to walk towards the back entrance of the diner. I feel as though I know her and shout “Carla??” She turns and a big grin begins to spread on her face. Instantly I realize that this is my sister Carla, who went missing in the woods 2 years ago. I call her over and ask where she’s been, but I am interrupted when the short guys grabs her hand and says “don’t you know you shouldn’t be away from other demigods” (I swear I have not read a single Percy Jackson book in 5 years I don’t know where all of this is coming from) so I turn to her and say “go find the other Demi gods” so she smiles and says okay but as she begins to walk towards the entrance it occurs to me that she’s been gone for two years and might not know what the fuck we’re talking about. So I call to her and say “do you even know what we just said” she says “no” and then I wake up.