cat/frog queen?

Date: 8/3/2017

By gmolek

i was in an arena and tried to throw a hockey puck but couldn't and was rlly embarrassed. then i was in a sephora doing all these missions for what was either a cat/ frog queen i can't remember and they were on a big purple bed and they gave me the vibe of green ???? but while i was doing the missions i was bored and realized i didn't have to do anything bc i was dreaming. i got really excited bc i knew i could do anything i wanted and did a backflip bc i've always wanted to do one i guess?? then i forgot i was lucid dreaming and was at a baseball field and the people in the arena were there playing baseball. the coach said to go to third. then i realized i could prove i can throw so i go to third and the catcher keeps throwing me the ball to practice throwing and it kept getting away from me i couldn't for the life of me get it