Journey on a Girl’s Bike

Date: 8/9/2019

By IndridCold

I was with Kim P from Los Angeles and we were traveling across the country, carrying a package of some sort. I was on a bicycle and she was walking. We were passing someone in a grassy clearing in a forest and it occurred to me that I should let her ride the bike because she’s walking. So I asked her if she’d want to ride the bike, and she had a problem w the fact that it was a girl’s bike. The seat was really tall. Whatever the package was, the wind or something took it out of my hands and it was way ahead of us. Then the wind took me way up into the air. Kim said that last time this happened I was fine so she just followed me to find out where I would land. I could see a city below, and as I started falling back down it looked like I was going to fall in a field, and then a wooded area, the wind was blowing me all around. I finally landed on a concrete lot, at a sharp angle where I slid on my shoes for a long time until I finally came to a stop. I had this realization that I’ve landed in this way many times before.