corgi pillow ??

Date: 8/24/2017

By underworldsqueen

I was at the mall and I've seen this ex friend of mine (Nathan) and when he walked pass me he saw me too and tried to avoid me but I wanted to stop this avoiding crap and end this thing. so I stopped him and asked to talk, he accepted and we went take a coffee. we talked but we're still cold so I got up to get away and his friends followed me. they stopped me in a gadget shop and told me how much my friendship helped him and and they thanked me and asked to keep trying. he walk in on us talking, but we end the discussion so he doesn't understand the subject. I wanted to return to my family, but they ask me to stay a little more, so I accepted and we went in this little lake outside the mall to swim. I got distracted by one of the girls that had this corgi pillow and I hit the side of the pool/lake. I feel as if I have a thorn in the feet so I sit on the border to take it away, but when I do I see that it was actually a tadpole.