Tent and performance

Date: 7/27/2017

By Natzxx2

I woke up (dreaming) that i was in a tent and i seemed to think it was normal to be there. There were two other people there who i felt safe around and i think they were my mum and dad but it was hard to make out their faces. Then two men came up to the tent and the people who looked like my mum and dad got all scared and sat down and watched the men. One man suddenly slapped my mum (if it was my mum) across the face but he seemed to have claws and left a mark. I just attacked the man and they held me down and one of the men stuck on of his fingers on the under bit of my chin up into the top of my throat. I did wake up then. I tried to go back to sleep because i felt so tired and i eventually did, and had another dream that i was in a massive hall with loads of people, mainly other kids. There was a big stage at the front. I don't remember everything but my sister was there and so were my twin cousins. They were talking and there were a few girls there from my school i don't like and they tried to get my sister to sign a letter that i didn't want her to sign. Somehow i knew it was dangerous but she wouldn't listen to me and she signed it. Then one of my best friends from school and a couple of her friends walked over and asked us if we'd all move to another table. We all did except me and i stayed with my friends. Then there was a mix up because me and my best friend had to do a performance with a small group in a bit and we couldn't remember what we had to do. I woke up..