Run away

Date: 6/2/2019

By jorgasunrise

Was at a party where some one took all my stuff bags of clothes all kinds of things. People where like that’s crazy what they look like of course I couldn’t remember I think it was a woman. Then I went inside some guy wanted to fight apparently I knew a kungfu way more wore full them him thou I tried to reason with him. I didn’t want to fight. But I kicked him out of the window by accident. I grabbed my stuff and left cause I could hear people out side talking about it. And the police sirens. I walked around this building trying to be quick up and around corners passing I could tell I was getting father away from the scene from the sounds. On guard stopped me it was a friend of mine. I wanted to talk but really wanted to be ok so I told her to call me. She asked me if I was working. I told her I had just got out. She let me go so I walked on